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Vanessa Childs: “Your Sacramento Family Lawyer”

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Sacramento based Family Law Attorney Vanessa Childs, is skilled at understanding complex legal problems and developing effective strategies for resolving them. If you are seeking an experienced family law attorney to represent you in a Divorce, Alimony, Child Support, Support Order Modification. Domestic Violence situation, Restraining Order or other Family Law matter, you can rely on Vanessa Childs’s solid experience and record of success.

Vanessa will analyze and evaluate every possible alternative and then explain clearly to you your various options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Based on her family law legal experience and knowledge, she will recommend an option, but it is your life and you will decide what and how you would like to proceed with your divorce or other family law matter. Sacramento Family law attorney, Vanessa Childs is here to serve you and to help you resolve critical life issues for the best possible resolution.

Sacramento Family Law and Spousal Support Lawyer

Sacramento Divorce & Spousal Support LawyerKnown and respected in Sacramento for her honesty, integrity and ethics, Sacramento Divorce & Family Law Attorney Vanessa Childs will not advise you to take a case to trial if it can be fairly resolved simply and inexpensively outside of the courtroom.

“When the ring comes off, the gloves go on.” – On the other hand, if your case involves an issue that demands litigation, you can depend on Ms. Childs to step into that courtroom to aggressively fight for a fair and equitable resolution to your family law matter.

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Your Low Cost Sacramento Family Law Attorney

Good lawyers do not have to be priced out-of-reach of good people – Vanessa S. Childs is available to help you with your family law case (divorce, custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, property/debt division, grand parent visitation, adoptions, guardianships, marital settlement agreements, prenuptial agreements, etc.)

vanessa-175I am caring and dedicated. I will be direct and keep you informed. With me, you will have a strong advocate to represent and protect your best interests. I will provide aggressive representation if necessary. Don’t go through this alone! You deserve competent representation. —Vanessa

Flexible payment arrangements made on case-by-base circumstance

I have very competitive billing rates and I can get started on your case right away upon payment of a reasonable retainer. Flexible payment options are available.

Evening and weekend appointments available

Evening and weekend appointments are available. Call 888-900-9078 today to set up an appointment! My office is conveniently located in downtown Sacramento.

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