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Property Division in Divorce

Sacramento Divorce Lawyer Discusses Property Division in Divorce

Sacramento Divorce Attorney/Division of PropertyComplex issues usually come up when it’s time to divide cash, real estate, and personal property in divorce and at the actual divorce settlements. It gets even more dicey when property division involves a business, stocks, or a dispute regarding community property classification. You are allowed to retain assets you acquired before marriage or inherited during your marriage and you are entitled to a portion of assets gained during the marriage.

Sacramento Divorce Attorney/Division of Property

A legal separation or divorce can lead to a bitter fight over child custody, child support, and marital property. While property division in divorce disputes arise in most divorce cases, when the dispute involves a significant amount of property, the fight can become even more difficult and prolonged.

As experienced property division attorneys, we can help discover all the property that should be divided, no matter how well hidden the property might be, and we can help you assert your rights to a portion of that property. Moreover, we can also protect your rights if you feel that particular property is rightfully yours and not subject to division.

If you or your spouse are owners of a business, we can help obtain the most favorable outcome regarding the assets and income generated by that businesses for you.

Stocks and bonds present another complicated issue. If they come from the employer of a spouse, stocks and stock options can be considered income that should be used to determine spousal and child support payments. Attorney Vanessa Childs has the experience to help determine the amount of support in these cases and who is entitled to ownership of stocks, bonds and other employer incentives.

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